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Our innovative and highly-acclaimed TIM-Online™ technology predicts the success of your video content. Your target audience gives insight in the strengths and weaknesses of your programme, trailer or commercial in real-time in a near real-life test lab:

  1. Viewers watch your programme, trailer or commercial from start to finish and simultaneously move a slider up or down to reflect their level of engagement in real-time;
  2. Then for each individual viewer, the TIM-Online™ software replays the scenes in which they personally awarded the highest and lowest scores. Answers to open questions are used to have them explain why they (dis)liked these sections;
  3. Finally, they complete a customised survey which explores other elements of the content in more detail;
  4. Reporting of the real-time TIM-Online™ scores in combination with both quantitative and qualitative survey data enables you to fine-tune your video production to optimise your target audience's engagement.

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Key benefits

  • At the MIPCOM in 2003, we were the first to launch an online tool to gauge audience engagement of video content;
  • TIM-Online™ predicts success. Traditional audience viewing figures only show how many people watched a particular programme after the fact. TIM-Online™, however, gives a detailed answer to the question why people would stay tuned into or decide to zap away from your content in advance;
  • TIM-Online™ can also be used to test audio files (radio research);
  • We have a lot of experience in interpreting the quantitative and qualitative data based on our benchmark data;
  • We have calculated benchmark models to determine the optimal length of scenes, use of emotion, information relevance, cutting speed and effects of peak scores on programme likeability;
  • Our consultants have been building up knowledge about different TV formats based on the tracking of 15 key TV markets since 1995 and can use this knowledge to recommend improvements to your tested content.

What questions helps TIM-Online™ answer?

TIM-Online™ helps measure accountability by answering questions about the video content such as:

  • Which parts are strong and weak (what 'works' and what doesn't)?
  • Why are certain parts strong and weak (qualitative data)?
  • What are the necessary improvements?
  • How is the conveyed information, length of items, presentation, etc. received?
  • How well does it score when compared to other formats (real-time benchmark)?
  • Does it suit our target audience properly?
  • Is the potential viewer interested in the topics being discussed?
  • Does it suit our image?

For whom?

Broadcasters, producers and advertisers use TIM-Online™ for pre-/post-testing, monitoring and benchmarking of:

  • Feature films;
  • TV and radio programmes, pilots, formats (ranging from 30 to 90 minutes);
  • TV, radio and film trailers and promos;
  • TV and radio commercials (typically 30 seconds).

TIM-Online™ is also used for measuring the optimal positioning and effectiveness of:

  • Product placements;
  • (in-script) Programme sponsoring (non-spot/branded content).

Access panels worldwide

We have composed a representative panel dedicated to TIM-Online™ research projects. However, it is also possible to use private panels consisting of, for example, your own audience (customers, board members, employees, subscribers or prospects). The TIM-Online™ technology is available in multiple languages and can easily be scaled to other markets, enabling you to also test foreign productions in different countries with local panels.

Security & data integrity

Participants have secure access to your research material. Participants who have not actively participated or have not completed the whole project are discarded from the final dataset.


In 1995 television research company Klapper Communications introduced the studio version in the Netherlands (TIM-Studio) and developed the analysis method in cooperation with VU University Amsterdam. In 2003 we adapted the TIM-Studio concept to use the Internet (resulting in the TIM-Online™ solution).

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