ActiveReaction has 25 years experience in software R&D and is specialised in hierarchical database applications

ActiveReaction is an expert in software R&D

We use our own Software to service our Clients (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We have our own Software Research & Development department where we develop all of our software tools entirely in-house. This gives us full control over our software, so we can help our clients out very quickly if something needs changing or optimising.

You will not be transferred to a call centre on the other side of the world, but you will rather be in direct contact with us. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of both server and client environments.

Some examples of Software as a Service (SaaS) we can offer to our clients are:

Survey Form App Builder
Our Survey Form App Builder Software enables us to offer technical implementation services of complex online data capture services. Using our Survey Form App Builder software, we quickly transform any advanced questionnaire, form or process flow to a user-friendly, responsive, digital version (essentially behaving more like an app).

We can host the digital forms apps either on our fully-owned servers or we can deploy them on your own network (intranet). Our Elecronic Data Capture (EDC) tools run inside any modern browser and on multiple platforms, such as tablets, smartphones, PCs and Macs.

TIM-Online™ and StickyInsights™
StickyInsights™, the successor of TIM-Online™, is our video content testing tool which was developed in cooperation with Klapper Communications and DE LEEUWEN (online video formats & productions). For more information please visit (in Dutch only).

StickyInsights™ can predict success or failure of any video content, as it measures audience engagement scores and qualitative responses as to why people would stay tuned into or tune away from the content in advance. StickyInsights™ runs inside any modern browser and on multiple platforms, such as tablets, smartphones, PCs and Macs.

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Deployment Tools
Our Deployment Tools enable us to securely deploy your digital forms (apps) to your target audience (e.g. via personalised e-mails or a secure portal), in order for the data capture process to start promptly.

Data Rooms
The ActiveReaction Data Rooms allow group members to safely upload and download (sensitive) data to and from their assigned room(s), rather than sending important data via e-mail (where it could be unwittingly intercepted by third parties).

Our clients

We develop tailor-made software for our clients

Tailor-made software R&D

Even today, companies still sometimes use physical spreadsheets and paper forms to 'manage' internal and external data flows, which is time-consuming and error-prone. Our clients regularly commission us to develop custom-made, database-driven software solutions to help them modernise, simplify or speed up their internal workflows where collection, managing or reporting of confidential data is involved.

Some examples of complete software solutions we have developed for our clients are:

Clinical Trials Management System
Our Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) is a hierarchical database application to allow molecular diagnostic, commercial-stage biotech and health companies to manage multiple Clinical Trials.

CTMS allows Clinical Research Managers (CRMs) to have full control over the electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs) access portal for participating sites. Users can:

  • grant participating sites secure access to the eCRF access portal;
  • send automatic e-mail invitations and reminders to physicians;
  • create (pre-defined) periodic clinical trial summary reports;
  • quickly export case data of both single and multiple eCRFs in clear reports for further analysis and quality assurance protocols.

CTMS can either run entirely independently on your own network (managed by your system administrator), or can be accessed via a cloud service (e.g. via Amazon© Web Services or Microsoft© Azure).

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Data Analyser
Our Data Analyser is an advanced reporting dashboard tool that enables our customers to extract (survey form) case data in real-time and formatted in customisable graphs and/or tables.

We take into consideration that each sector requires different representions of data for management reports. We can cater for any requirement.

For example, features we specifically added for the media sector are: matching audience engagement scores and qualitative response to tested video content. Another example is the Data Analyser for the mobility and transport sector where our tool can create detailed attendance graphs, plot commuters' postal codes on maps and calculate average commuting times.

Customer Relationship Management
Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows project managers in multinationals to securely manage customers' contact details, communication logs and assignments. All data is stored in industry-standard databases.

Telephony Solution
We designed, developed and integrated a complete corporate Telephony Solution for one of our multi-national clients with many offices around the world. The telephony solution is connected to their internal CRM system, allowing project managers in different countries to know which customer is calling from which country, resulting in not only the right project manager to answer the phone, but also to communicate with the customer in their native language.

Corporate Instant Messaging
Our Corporate Instant Messaging (CIM) is an alternative chat program to the late Windows© Live (MSN) Messenger, allowing colleagues to communicate with each other and transfer files to each other.

As CIM can be installed completely independently of any third-party provider (yes, even us!), all messages and files you send and receive are completely confidential and will be constrained to the boundaries of your own network.

CIM is completely integrated with the aforementioned Telephony Solution and is currently exclusively used by us and our Strategic Partners, but please contact us should you wish to learn more about integrating this service into your business as well.

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